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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 24, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> celebrity speak out into britain's inquiry into journalism. >> this was really like being a hostage or under siege. >> a plot to assassinate the prime minister of trinidad and tobago and three cabinet members have been foiled. post and bart's -- a new government in egypt. a burglar tells his victim in a letter, he blames them for leaving the window open. the contention simple decisions, the premier league will be using this new technology as early as this season. -- the contentious goal
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decisions. a very warm all come to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. a young woman alone and frightened is chased down a street at night by 10 men and the only thing that makes it illegal is that they are caring cameras looking to snatch a celebrity shot. -- the only thing that makes it legal is that they are carrying cameras. kiln this is all part of testimony by celebrities of how their treatment. j. k. rowling talk about her personal bowling -- a battle to save her children. >> she has written books which have captivated millions of children around the world. yet for their arthur, j. k. rowling, there is an absolute rule, her own children are entitled to privacy. she tells about what a battle is
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to achieve it. there was a letter from a journalist to have gone into her schoolbag -- her child's schoolbag. >> i felt such a sense of invasion about my daughter's bag. i angry but -- i was angry that the school was no longer a place of complete security from journalists. >> she said she was driven out of one home by the media but the problems did not stop. >> there was a key to tikrit add -- there was two particularly bad instances. for a week, it was impossible for me to leave the house without getting photographed unless i wanted to be
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photographed. >> most of the media did excellent work, she said, but there was a section which did not. >> the attitude seems to be totally cavalier and what does it matter? your friends, you are asking for it. >> j. k. rowling told the inquiry that if you fought back against sun newspapers, you could expect retribution. she departed under the usual scramble of photographers. in the case of the actress sienna miller, the risks that she faced was physical danger. she faced david pursued by photographers. at times, it was terrified. >> she faced daily pursuits by photographers. >> these were big men chasing me. the fact that they had cameras in their hand, it was legal.
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when you take away the cameras, what have you got? you have a pack of a man chasing a woman. that is an intimidation. >> she could not understand this, so she accused her family. >> there was one private piece of information that four people knew about and i had been very careful to tell my mother, my sister, and two of my closest friends. some journalists said that they knew about this. yes, i accused my family and people that would never dream of selling any information about me. >> in fact, her phone was being packed -- hacked. she was shown the notes by the news of the world investigator. >> dates referring to a very personal things that in my life, all of my telephone numbers, my
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pin numbers, my passwords, my e- mails. >> from celebrities and private citizens alike have come similar allegations of often brutish behavior and bullying attitudes. some themes are emerging, first, there is a section of the british media that has very little consideration for the feelings and rights of people that they are dealing with. secondly, people are a genuinely intimidated by standing up to the british newspapers. >> authorities in trinidad and tobago say they have uncovered a plot to assassinate to the prime minister and some members of her cabinet. we go live from trinidad.
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>> the background according to the prime minister, she declared a state of emergency some time -- sometime in august. according to her, during that time the security forces had got $1.5 billion worth of drugs off the streets. she said that this is the kind of reprisal from the intimidators. >> any information on those who have been arrested? >> no, the police commissioner, as you said, has indicated that the parties have been arrested but there is no information yet on who they are. >> any indication of what happens next and are there any visible signs of this? is the military on the streets?
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>> not any more than they have been it through the last three months or so. there have been patrols of police officers and military. there has been no visible increase in them. the next step would be that the police would be investigating the matter and when they come to a conclusion, this will have to go to the director of public prosecution. >> thank you very much. >the egyptian state media is reporting that one of hosni mubarak's former head ministers will head a new government. a truce was observed today in cairo. the military authorities insist that elections will go ahead next week. our middle east editor sent this. >> this is a tense and wary
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truce. the security forces are strengthening the defenses around the interior ministry. this man would like to know who is going to pay for his newspaper kiosk, burned by writers - -rioters. they are floods and and anarchists. they don't want the city to settle down. -- they are thugs and anarchists. she asked, where is the dignity? you should fear god, he tells her. people in cairo are feeling the pressure of a crisis that does not have an easy solution. the violence stopped, for today and east. egypt possible on an explosive
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list of challenges have not gone away. their cleanup does not clean up the fundamental problems. there is no security for elections. longer-term, who is going to run this country? civilians, elected by the people, or the armed forces who have been in charge since 1952? the security forces are everywhere at this end of the street. they're seen by local residents as allies. at the cafe, they said not everyone within tahrir square was bad but they condemn the violence. he says, the military and police are protecting egypt. but in new the cachet behind the wire is the interior ministry, a torture center under the old regime and unchanged. >> there are uncomfortable
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stories. >> according to this journalist who was held there on wednesday night, she said that she was sexually assaulted and both arms were broken. >> this is -- this kind of brutality is the catalyst for our revolution. that is why egyptians rose up against those in power. we will continue this until we are free of military dictatorship. >> tahrir square is still fallujah? the egyptians that feel like her -- tahrir square is still full of egyptians that feel like her. they do not want to disrupt the election and they are attacking the prime minister designate. the poll was supposed to start a new era. it might make egypt's decisions even more bitter. >> the arab league has given syria one day to agree that an observer mission can enter the
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country or face sanctions. syria has been suspended from the lake because of their by the crackdown on protesters. -- syria has been suspended from the league. we got a rare interview in southeast turkey. >> the border between turkey and syria, a closed country on the brink of civil war. it looks quite enough but refugees slip across all of the time. among them, soldiers who rebelled against the syrian government. under the they are under turkish protection for now, they are not necessarily safe. there are seven refugee camps in this area. many of the people who have lived in them have been here for several months. a senior syrian officer who defected lived here until late september. then he went out by bus to do
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some shopping in a nearby town. somewhere around here, he disappeared. the assumption is that agents of syrian intelligence were waiting for him, grabbed him, and perhaps took him back over the syrian border. most people around here think that he has been killed already. syrian refugees still come here to shop but they tend to be more wary now. some do not want to show their faces on camera. they all seemed to know about the disappearance of the colonel. turkish police keep an eye on us, although in the and they let us go on filming. the turkish army makes it hard to contact the leader of the syrian rebels who has come across the border. he, and all of the defecting soldiers, are now held in this
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camp. while we were filming, the turkish army came in and arrested us and a judge had to get us free. the only way we could interview the colonel was through the internet. it was all done very much at the last minute and was pretty bizarre. we set out in a nearby farm yard and the chief of the free syrian army appeared. we assure everyone, he says, the president of syria is finished. the syrian nation is determined to bring this dictator down. will it happen? god willing, doblin, very soon. the system is rotten to the core. underneath, it is week. inside syria, the free syrian army would be more important as
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the situation gets worse. it is not civil war there yet, but it seems to be heading that way. >> and good to have you with us again on "bbc world news." has the time finally come to let technology have its say? thailand is beginning to clean up from days of devastating floods. the water is not completely drained away in all areas. and where it has come up people are understandably keen to regain their lives. there was have a cost in the manufacturing sector and this badly disrupted global supply chains. >> the big cleanup begins. piles of rancid rubbish left behind as the water receded. layers of mold and mud.
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this street food stall was ruined by the flood. he is building another one from scratch. i am using my savings to do this, he says, but it is time to move on. he says it is like starting a new life from zero. the floods affected businesses small and large. a month ago, there was still hope. it was thought that industrial real estate would be saved. concrete islands in a glistening filthy lake, hundreds of factories abandoned to the water. thousands of workers without jobs. a lot of these factories that have had to close make components that are exported from thailand to other areas around the world. what happened here, the effect of all of this water is being
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felt around the globe. it will take months of hard work and the billions of dollars of hard cash before thailand recovers from this. more investment still will be needed to prevent future disaster. the true cost of the thailand floods are still being counted. >> the latest headlines for you this hour on "bbc world news -- j. k. rowling has told the media ethics inquiry that her anger at finding a letter from her reporter in her 5-year-old daughter possible back. there is an attempt to assassinate the prime minister of trinidad and tobago and some of her cabinet. germany and france are proposing changes to the european trading.
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president sarkozy and angela merkel expressed their strong support for italy interim prime minister. the three met in strasbourg today. they disagreed on the role of the european central bank in helping to stabilize the eurozone. >> on the franco-german border in a city synonymous with the idea of european unity, italy's prime minister joined the big two in the eurozone. they want to send a message to the markets that italy is in safe hands and has the full support of his allies. what is this new triumvirate going to do to stop the eurozone from spinning out of control? >> faced with a gravity of the situation, we have told prime minister monti that france and germany will propose changes to the treaty to improve eurozone confidence. we hope that italy will join us.
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>> the idea of a treaty change will not be welcomed by everyone. many are trying to persuade germany to ease their opposition to allowing the european central bank to use its unlimited firepower to protect countries which are struggling. no sign yet that mrs. merkel is budging. >> when modifying the treaty, we're talking about fiscal union, a deep political operation. this is a different story. we have proposals on that which have nothing to do with the ecb. >> plenty for mario monti to ponder as he takes on the task of turning the italian economy around. his country is too big to fail but too big to bail. the eurozone needs him to the liver. >> and we share our thoughts about the situation. we agree that the health of the eurozone is the party.
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it is fundamental that the zero states. >> -- we agree that the health of the eurozone is the priority. it is fundamental that the euro stays. >> the indian cabinet has approved its biggest economic reform in years, opening up the vast retail markets to foreign supermarkets. that paves the way for companies such as wal-mart, the world's largest retailer, to access the lucrative indian retail sector. three bombs have exploded in basrah killing 19 people and wounding at least 60. the explosions tore through a market in the city center. many of the dead are police called to the scene after the first blast. silver berlusconi has failed to
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keep evidence to be used in his intention. -- injunction. this weekend should mark the beginning of the ski season in austria but there is a fundamental problem, no snow. we have the report from vienna. >> the ski runs are green instead of white. the warm and sunny conditions in the mountains are beginning to worry the austrian ski industry. many are having to postpone their season openings. at snow cannons are operating around the clock. the ski association has spent hundreds of thousands of euros to make artificial snow. >> we have about a thousand snow cannons. we cannot run them all at the same time. 300-500 are operational.
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we try to do our best. >> in other parts of austria, seeing too warm to run the snow cannons. -- it is too warm to run the snow cannons. while some austrians are praying for snow, others are simply enjoying the winter sun. >> this is one to raise your hackles, a teenage burglar has written a letter to his victims and blaming them for the crimes. he says he has no remorse. the british police released the letter to warn about leaving your property vulnerable. it was supposed to be a letter of apology from a burglar to his victims. instead, it was unrepentant and rude. stating he did not know why he was writing the letter, he says
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i am not bothered about the fact that i bart -- i burgaled your house, you were dumb enough to leave your window open. >> he is just being rude and making a problem for himself. >> you should make sure that your house is safe. on the other hand, it does not give you the right to take your stuff. this is a quick way to make money. >> the 16-year-old wrote the letter to a handful that he targeted. perhaps unsurprisingly, when he saw it, it was never sent. the police who made it public say that the letter is disgusting and it shows the cold and dispassionate way that burglars started properties. what about the victims in this
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suburb? some are questioning if the letter should have been released. >> i think that the intentions are good but there are many other ways of getting these messages across without harming or we harming those who suffer the burglary. -- or reharming those who suffer the burglary. >> of the teenagers says he does not feel any sympathy or remorse. >> consider yourself told. one of the most contentious issues and world sport has to be whether a goal has crossed the line. football will be using a new technology. one of soccer's trickiest issues about to be resolved. >> over the line or not, as simple question but one that hurts england possible -- world cup chances last summer.
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fifa is reconsidering its long- held opposition against the use of technology in this board. if a working solution can be found, then the football association is eager to see it adopted. >> it is possible to see it as early as 1213. right across the game is another question. -- it is possible to see it as early as 2013. >> tennis players already have the ability to challenge calls. the company is looking to meet the strict criteria required by fifa. this is demonstrated at the rochester football club. the inventor is recognizing the challenges that officials face. >> a linesman is 30 yards away. the goal is over the line.
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if you would like to take it, you should be looking directly across the line. you can see it going across the line. this has crossed the goal line. >> this system utilizes 24 cameras in beded to the gulf coast cost to the gold coast -- this system utilizes 24 cameras in the goal post. all this happens and under one second and there is no delay to the game. the prospect of the premier league joining others sports in the sporting revolution. the results will be released next year. >> much more on if you are celebrating, happy
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